TDL-L Clock LED Lamp Base

The manual is also applicable for TDL-LP TDL-LK lamp kit.

Please read all instructions and warnings before using clock led lamp. These instructions helps you obtain the best performance from this product.

1. Specifications:

2. Packing List

TDL-LP TDL-LK lamp kit packing list:

LED base, Acrylic Plate, USB Cable, manual (pack in gift box and foam)

TDL-L base packing list:

LED base, USB Cable, manual (pack in foam bag)

3. How to Use

  • Connect USB cable to power supply/ computer or insert batteries, the clock will show time.

  • Remove the transparent covers from the both sides of acrylic plate and insert the plate into clock.

  • Touch the power button or use remote controller to turn on the LED lamp light.

  • To use touch power button, there are 8 light color mode, which includes 7 single

    colors mode (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white) plus an alternating


  • To use remote controller for light color changing, please see bellow picture for

    function using.

  • Hold power button for 2~4 seconds or use remote controller to turn lamp off.

4. Buttons on Colock

  • Long press button “ M ” to set TIME, which will be Year- Month- Day- Time-

    Minutes- Seconds in turn. Press “+” and “-” to correct, and press “ M ” once

    to confirm after one is corrected.

  • Short press button “ M ” can show time and date on screen alternately.

  • short press button “+” turn on or turn off voice control mode. When it is on, then

    screen will be off after 9 seconds without sound, and the screen will show again when

    there is sound.

  • Short press button “-”, the screen will show the immediate temperature.

5. Cleaning Instructions

Wipe acrylic with a clean soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as will damage surface.

6. Safety Instructions

  • This product is for indoor use only.

  • Before inserting the acrylic design into the base, please remove the transparent protective film from both sides.

  • Do not touch acrylic plate surface with your fingers as this will leave marks and may affect the 3D illusion.

  • Rechargeable battery inside , should be recharged under adult supervision .

  • Always switch the lamp off overnight or if left unattended.

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