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TDL-WC-B Wood LED Base

TDL-WC-B oval wood LED base is made of solid beech. There are 7 kinds of RGB light colors and fading light mode available. The slot length is 11.5cm. It comes with USB cable and touch button. There i

1. Specifications

Model Number
LED base: 145mm*60mm*35mm(H)
Net Weight
Slot Dimension
LED Source
7pcs RGB LED
Light Color
7 RGB lights, flashing mode and fading light mode
Light Color
10,000 hours
Power Input
DC 5V 1A, 3 pieces AAA batteries

2. Packing List:

1PC Wood LED Base with USB Cable (pack in white foam bag)

3. How to Use

1. Connect to USB power source with USB cable or load 3 pieces AAA batteries.
2. Peel off the protective film on both side of acrylic plate.
3. Touch Button Function:
(1) Turn on/Turn off: Tap the button to turn it on. Double tap to turn it off.
(2) Set light brightness (in fixed light color):Long touch for 4~5 seconds to set brightness.
(3) Set light color: Tap the button and light colors changes each time when you tap. Below light color lights up by turns: Red - Green - Blue - Orange - Purple - Cyan - White, Fading RGB light mode.
(4) Light color/mode memory function: It lights up with the same light color/light mode as last time you turn it off.

4. Cleaning Instructions

  • Please wipe the acrylic plate with clean soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as it will damage the surface of acrylic plate.

5. Safety Instructions

  • This product is designed for indoor usage only. It is not waterproof.
  • Before inserting the acrylic plate into the lamp base, please remove the transparent protective film from both sides.
  • Do not touch acrylic plate surface with your fingers as there will be fingerprints.
How to Hold Acrylic Plate
  • To insert AA batteries, please slide off battery cover and load new batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries need to be removed from the product before being recharged. It should be recharged under adult's supervision.
  • Do not mix standard AA batteries with rechargeable ones.
  • Please do insert batteries with the correct polarity.
  • Please remove exhausted batteries timely.
  • Please always turn off the lamp overnight or when you do not use it.