1. Specifications

Model Number



Acrylic (New Version: plastic, acrylic)


19.5cm x 30cm (acrylic plate dimension: 17.5cm*30cm)

Light Color

Pure White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Cyan, Orange

Power Input

DC 5V 1A

Output Power


Unit Package Weight


2. Packing List

TDL-G Packing List: 1 piece LED acrylic sign with USB cable, 1 piece chain and 2 pieces acrylic supports

TDL-GS Packing List: 1 piece LED acrylic sign with USB cable, 1 piece chain and 2 pieces acrylic supports, 1 piece remote control

3. How to Use

  1. Please connect USB cable to USB power adapter or computer.

  2. Press the “Mode” button and the LED strip light up. Below light color light up by turns. Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Cyan, Purple, White, Slow Flashing Light Mode, Fading RGB Lights. The final light color is red and then press Mode button to turn it off.

  3. Press “+” button to turn up brightness and press “-” to turn down brightness.

  4. TDL-GS includes remote control.

4. Cleaning Instructions

  • Please wipe the acrylic plate with clean soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as it will damage the surface of acrylic plate.

5. Safety Instructions

  • This product is designed for indoor usage only. It is not waterproof.

  • Before inserting the acrylic plate into the lamp base, please remove the transparent protective film from both sides.

  • Do not touch acrylic plate surface with your fingers as there will be fingerprints.

  • To insert AA batteries, please slide off battery cover and load new batteries.

  • Rechargeable batteries need to be removed from the product before being recharged. It should be recharged under adult's supervision.

  • Do not mix standard AA batteries with rechargeable ones.

  • Please do insert batteries with the correct polarity.

  • Please remove exhausted batteries timely.

  • Please always turn off the lamp overnight or when you do not use it.

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